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High School Hockey


All Financial Obligations to CMHA MUST be satisfied prior to signing up for High School.


  • More Games! 15 Games which is 5 more than last year - all teams make the playoffs.

  • No Checking - body contact/physical play is allowed but body CHECKING is removed to ensure safety of players due to 4-year age range and range of skills (Metro to Juniors).

  • Balancing Skill across ALL Teams  - teams will be formed with a balanced league as the priority while keeping the integrity of High School/Geographic boundaries

    • High School Hockey is for males and females who are eligible to play high school sports in the spring of 2017.
    • All players MUST be enrolled in high school or home-schooled at a High School level and meet the age requirements for High School.
    • Birth Year Eligibility: 2002 - 1998
    • Games will typically be every Tuesday and Thursday with some Wednesdays.
    • All report cards MUST be handed in before the first game. If a report card is not received prior to the first game the player will not be eligible to play.
    • On-Ice Evaluations at XIC - February 28th - 8 - 9:20pm (for non-travel players ONLY)
    • Players will be notified by March 21 regarding team placement.  All teams practice on Tuesday, March 28.