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5 Star (Ages 3-6)

USA Hockey Registration

Players MUST register with USA Hockey and bring a copy of their registration number to participate in the 5 Star Program 
Players must wear hockey skates. 

Current Session

5 Star Fall Session 2023

Class 2 Star (5:00-5:40 PM) 3 Star (5:45-6:25 PM) 4 Star (6:30-7:10 PM)
1 August 23rd August 23rd August 23rd
2 August 30th August 30th August 30th
3 September 13th September 13th September 13th
4 September 20th September 20th September 20th
5 September 27th September 27th September 27th
6 October 4th October 4th October 4th
7 October 11th October 11th October 11th

Upcoming Session

5 Star Winter Session #1- $175


Star 2 (5:00-5:40pm)

Star 3 (5:45-6:25pm)

Star 4 (6:30-7:10pm)


October 25th

October 25th October 25th

November 1st

November 1st

November 1st
3 November 8th

November 8th

November 8th
4 November 15th

November 15th

November 15th
5 November 29th November 29th November 29th
6 December 6th December 6th December 6th
7 December 13th December 13th December 13th







5 Star Registration

Stars 1-5

Star 1

Learn To Skate/Snow Buddies 
All 5 Star participants MUST either pass LTS Basic 1 or Snowplow Sam 3, or be evaluated by a member of our hockey staff before they can enroll in Star 2. 
Learn to Skate and Snowplow Sam  information can be found here

Star 2

 Put to use the skating skills learned in Snowplow Sams to handle a puck. 

 Skills to learn: Getting up, Basic Hockey Stance, Balance, Swizzles, T-pushes, Forward stride, Snowplow stop, Hockey stop, Stickhandling, and Teamwork.  

sTAR 3

Continue to work on skating skills while developing stick skills such as passing and shooting 

 Skills to learn: 2 Foot glide, 2 Foot jump, Agility, Turns on inside edges, Forward stride, Snowplow stop, Hockey stop, Skating with puck, Stickhandling, Sweeping pass, Sweeping shot, and Teamwork.

sTAR 4

Advanced skating skills with more emphasis on stick skills 

 Skills to learn: Forward stride, 2 Foot jump, Agility, Turns on inside edges, Hockey stop, Skating with puck, Stickhandling, Passing, Shooting, Teamplay, and Teamwork. 

sTAR 5

Players skate twice a week combining skating and stick skills with small area games to reinforce hockey concepts. 

  Skills to learn: Forward stride, Backward skating, Agility, Turning with inside and outside edges, Hockey stop, Skating with puck, Stickhandling, Passing, Shooting, Team play, and Teamwork.

5 Star Pick -up on Sundays!

$5 Pick-up on Sundays from 12:00pm to 1:20pm for 5-Star Players on the Puddle

*Full Equipment is required for players* 

*Adults must wear a helmet*

What comes after 5 Stars?

Mite Cross-Ice Program

The main objective of the CMHA Mite Cross-Ice Program is to give 6 to 8 year old's the ultimate hockey experience. The program is based on the idea that hockey taught at this level should be based on having fun, participation by all, and learning basic hockey skills.

Hockey Gear and Jerseys are not Included. Jerseys must be bought at Redmond's Corner.

Hockey equipment can be bought inside  Redmonds Corner within the rink. 

Cullen Baines

LTP Coordinator

Phone: 704-882-1830