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Spring Session 2018

Welcome to the Metro League!


The Metro Leagues' spring  session will keep the  same structure as the fall and winter. 1  practice and  1 games  a week. Weekly skating sessions will be determined on the number of players. 


Session Price Deposit Next Payment
Spring $325.00 $200.00 $125.00


Payment Plan

Session Deposit May 1st
Spring $200.00 $125.00


Schedule- A detailed schedule will be available once teams are set. Ice sessions will be every Monday and Saturday unless it is a blackout date. Schedule is subject to change.


Blackout Dates are the following:

April 14th, May 12th, May 19th, May 28th


Refund Policy- The Extreme Ice Center has a strict No Refund Policy after the 2nd week (April 16th)

Evaluations-  Players will be on ice with two assistant coaches. Assistant coaches will run a quick 5-minute stretch and a 5-minute skate. Players will be broken into two teams. The coaching staff will be upstairs evaluating players. Evaluations will be based on skating abilities, skills , and hockey sense. After the evaluations, the coaching staff will conduct a draft to make teams as even as possible. No Parent or Player will have the option to pick what team they are on without the agreement of a coach’s trade after the evaluation. If any player shall join during the year they will immediately become a free agent and a discussion will happen between the coaches to find out which team the player will be distributed to.


Team Names- This season will be a little different than the past because each team will be named after their coach. For example, if Coach LaShomb was your player’s coach, the team name would be “Team LaShomb” This will make it easier to find your players team schedule online as well as having better communication with your player’s coach. 


Equipment- At the beginning of this session, coaches will be looking at each players equipment to ensure that each player is wearing the appropriate gear. Coaches will specifically observe players’ sticks, helmets, skates, shin pads, and elbow pads. Each child will be required to have a mouth guard before they start each game/practice.

Commitment- We are asking every player to arrive to the rink at least 30 minutes before practices and games. It is very difficult to teach the sport of hockey within the 2 hours of ice each week. We are asking coaches to start using more classroom settings in the locker room so kids can learn both on and off the ice.


Practices- This year, the XIC staff will focus most of their time on the practices we run for the Metro league. All practices will be formatted using the USA Hockey American Development Model, which is proven to give each player more ice time, puck touches, and game like scenarios. My plan is for each coach to have an assistant on the ice to run drills while the Head Coach can talk to individual players to ensure each player can improve accordingly.


League Points- . Each win will count as 2 points and a Loss is worth 0 points. There will be no ties! In case of a tie, A 3 man shootout will immediately take place after regulation.


Playoffs- Playoffs will be at the end of the session on June 2nd/ June 4th. We might have to add an extra slot or day depending on teams!



SportsEngine- All team rosters, schedules, and event information will be available on our Sports Engine page which everyone will need to register with to have contact with your player’s coach. To get live updates on your team download the Sports Engine app and sign-in/Create an account.


LiveBarn / Live Scoring – Last season, the Extreme Ice Center purchased a program called LiveBarn which allows live broadcasting during each game. This option is a great opportunity to give your relatives/friends to watch your child when they are not in town. We will also be live scoring so people can watch the game and keep up with the score, penalties, and much more!


Apparel- Each player will receive 2 game jerseys this season, 1 red and 1 white. During game day, teams who are listed as “Home” will wear white and teams listed as “Away” will wear red.

Rush apparel is available for sale online at


Charlotte Metro Hockey Association

The CMHA objective is to provide ice hockey programs focused on helping youth of all ages and skill levels to learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, self-esteem, discipline and responsibility.

Date Of Birth Age Category Age Division
1999 18 Years 18 & Under (Midget)
2000 17 Years 18 & Under (Midget)
2001 16 Years 16 & Under (Midget)
2002 15 Years 16 & Under (Midget)
2003 14 Years 14 or Under (Bantam)
2004 13 Years 14 or Under (Bantam)
2005 12 Years 12 or Under (Pee Wee)
2006 11 Years 12 or Under (Pee Wee)
2007 10 Years 10 or Under (Squirt)
2008 9 Years 10 or Under (Squirt)
2009 8 Years 8 or Under (Mite)
2010 7 Years 8 or Under (Mite)
2011 and Younger 6 Years and Younger 6 or Under (Mini-Mite)

Welcome to the Charlotte Metro Hockey Association Registration Page.

Registration is now live through MaxGalaxy- you are able to register for programs online for your convenience! 


Please visit to create your account. We ask that you create your family accounts today so that we may make this transition an easy one! Please create the PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER (typically Mom or Dad) on the first page, and then you can add additional family members on the “Add Member” section at the bottom. This is a big change as all family members will now be in one account rather than each member having their own separate one. Note that you will need your USA Hockey number to complete the registration. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at the rink- 704-882-1830.