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2022 Spring/Summer 

Dates for our 6U and 8U Spring/Summer Session

May 18

May 20

May 25

June 1

June 3

June 8

June 15

June 17

June 22

June 24 - 6U Only

June 29 - 8U Only

July 6 - 6U Only

July 8 - 8U Only

July 13 - 6U Only

July 15 - 8U Only

July 20

July 22

July 27

July 29

August 3

August 5

August 10

August 12

Practices: The XIC staff will focus most of their time on the practices we run for the Metro league. All practices will be formatted using a mix of the USA Hockey American Development Model, high end sources, and our own proprietary methods, which is proven to give each player more ice time, puck touches, and game like scenarios. Our plan is for each coach to have an assistant on the ice to run drills while the Head Coach can talk to individual players to ensure each player can improve accordingly.

For Spring/Summer, Our 6U and 8U Program will run a 1:1 Practice to Game ratio.  1 Practice and 1 game. Game nights will most likely be on Friday Nights. 

*Game Nights may happen if the Hockey Department are shorthanded on Volunteers. 

Equipment: At the beginning of this season, coaches will be looking at each players equipment to ensure that each player is wearing the appropriate gear. Coaches will specifically observe players’ sticks, helmets, skates, shin pads, and elbow pads. As per new USA Hockey Rules, each player will be required to have a neck guard.  Mouth guards are not required but strongly recommended by the XIC Hockey Department.  

Jerseys: All Jerseys will need to be ordered through Redmond’s Corner. Redmonds Corner is the new Retail store full of equipment and apparel. The jersey package will include both a black and Gold Jersey with a Queen City Royals Logo printed on the front along with a chosen number. Cost for the pair of Jerseys will be $40. Players have the option to personalize Jerseys with their last names for an additional $10 for the pair. 

SportsEngine: All team rosters, schedules, and event information will be available on For easier access, download the sportsengine app for live scoring, our Sports Engine page which quick emailing, and more!

LiveBarn: Extreme Ice Center continues to use LiveBarn which live broadcasts each game. This option is a great opportunity to give your relatives/friends the ability to watch your child when they are not in town. For 10% off, use the promotional code: be11-5906 

Arena rules: Players must get dressed in the locker room or rink area. Please do not get dressed in the lobby. Please respect the building and others within the building. Clean up after yourself, whether in the lobby or in the locker room. No running, horseplay, or stick handling in the lobby. Please be aware of others around you when holding your hockey stick.

USA Hockey Number:  Players must have an updated USA Hockey Member number for the 2021-2022 or the 2022-2023 year. Players must have there USA Hockey Number before getting on the ice. NO EXCEPTIONS!



USA Hockey Registration

All players must have a USA Hockey Number before getting on the ice. Click the link below to sign up for your 2021-2022 Membership Number. Please bring this number with you on the first day. Players will not be allowed on the ice without the updated membership number.