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Spring  2021 Information Below

6U Mini-Mites and 8U MitesAll players must have completed our 5 Star Developement Program or previously played in our 6U/8U League.All practices and games will follow USA Hockey's American Developement Model (ADM) recommendations.There are no full time goalies in Mites.  Players volunteer to play goalie.  XIC provides goalie gear at the Mite level.


6U Mini Mites - 5:55-6:40pm

8U Mites - 5:50-6:50pm


6U Mini Mites - 6:00-6:45pm

8U Mites - 6:00-7:00pm


6U - $215

8U - $240


Dates: April 14th -  May 28th (13 Sessions)

*Blackout Date: Friday, May 21st

Metro Skills Practices - Practices will be on Monday Nights working on Skating skills, stick skills, and overall Hockey Sense. These sessions are best for anyone currently in the Metro League or anyone who just graduated Learn to Play. Sessions will be split up by age groups. 


10U/12U - 6:20-7:20pm

14U/16U/18U - 7:30-8:30pm


6 Session Dates - $130

April 19th

April 26th

May 3rd

May 10th

May 17th

May 24th


Girls Only Skills SessionsThese sessions will be on Wednesday Nights working on skating skills, stick skills, and overall hockey sense. These sessions are for any girl who have gone through or currently in our learn to play program. 





6 Session Dates - $130

April 21st

April 28th

May 5th

May 12th

May 19th

May 26th

3 on 3 Spring Sessions - These sessions will be cross ice games happening on select Saturdays. All players will be grouped by age/skill level to ensure equal competitiveness.

For these sessions, XIC Hockey Staff will make teams up to 6 players. NO requests will be allowed.  Teams will be shuffled for each week. These sessions are meant to be fun and competitive. 

Ice is currently blocked from 8:15am-1:00pm. Please prepare to be here sometime during that time. Groups will be made by Wednesday April 21st and emailed out. For reference, younger players play earlier and older players play later.   

Players must use there metro Black/White Jerseys. Jerseys will be available to purchase at the front desk for $25 if you do not currently have a set. 

This is a non checking league with coaches refffing the games. 

A full list of playing rules will be sent out by Wendesday April, 24th 

3 Session Dates  - $75

April 24th

May 1st

May 15th


Metro League 2020-2021


Our association is beyond excited for this upcoming season and we look forward to another year of development for all our players and coaches!

Full or Half Season - We will be continuing our Metro Program with several season options. One being that you can choose a half season (Fall or Winter) and the other choice being a Full-Length USA Hockey Season. No matter the season, we will have dedicated coaches and volunteers from September to April ready to impart hockey skill and knowledge each and every day.

Each season will give each player the opportunity to grow, learn, and most importantly have fun in the game of hockey!


Evaluations - Players will be on ice with two assistant coaches. Assistant coaches will run a quick 5-minute stretch and a 5-minute skate. Players will be broken into two teams. The coaching staff will be upstairs evaluating players. Evaluations will be based on skating abilities, skills, and hockey sense. After the evaluations, the coaching staff will conduct a draft to make teams as even as possible. No Parent or Player will have the option to pick what team they are on without the agreement of a coach’s trade after the evaluation. If any player shall join during the year they will immediately become a free agent and a discussion will happen between the coaches to find out which team the player will be distributed to. Metro League Evaluations -Station based tryout. Base Stations on the major skills departments such as Passing, Shooting, Skating, Battle, Puck handling, Game Play.


Rate players 1-5 based on their performance per station.


1- Beginner

2- Needs Improvement

3- Average

4- Above average

5- Bubble travel player

These ratings are then brought to the directors for teams to be chosen. Teams will be chosen by their evaluation numbers to create as evenly distributed talent as possible.


Trading Block - Once evaluations are completed and teams have been chosen, The “Trading block” will open after the first game. The trading block is available for the coaches to make trades and even up game play. All trades must be signed by both, Coaches and the Hockey Director. Although some players and parents would prefer not to be traded after the season has begun, we will only make trades that will benefit the league to become more competitive. We hope to rarely ever use the Trading Block. If you feel teams are unfair, you can email your coach and have them discuss it with the director.


Team Names - Teams will be named after their coach! For example, if Coach Clark was your player’s coach, the team name would be “Team Clark” or “Clarks Cats”. This will make it easier to find your players team schedule online as well as having better communication with your player’s coach. Teams will be allowed to come up with their own team name which we would use specifically for the Sports engine Page.


Equipment - At the beginning of this season, coaches will be looking at each players equipment to ensure that each player is wearing the appropriate gear. Coaches will specifically observe players’ sticks, helmets, skates, shin pads, and elbow pads. Each child will be required to have a mouth guard before they start each game/practice. Commitment-We are asking every player to arrive to the rink at least 30 minutes before practices and games. It is very difficult to teach the sport of hockey within the 2 hours of ice each week. We are asking coaches to start using more classroom settings in the locker room so kids can learn both on and off the ice.


Practices - This year, the XIC staff will focus most of their time on the practices we run for the Metro league. All practices will be formatted using a mix of the USA Hockey American Development Model, high end sources, and our own proprietary methods, which is proven to give each player more ice time, puck touches, and game like scenarios. Our plan is for each coach to have an assistant on the ice to run drills while the Head Coach can talk to individual players to ensure each player can improve accordingly. Please be aware, we do have on-ice and off ice during practice days for all teams! Practice times will be between 5:40 and end at 10:10. Going from youngest at the earliest to oldest at the later time slots.

6U - Wednesdays 5:55-6:40pm

8U - Wednesdays 5:50-6:50pm


Games - Games will be held on Wednesdays with the earliest being 6:50 PM start to 9:20 PM start. Saturday mornings with games starting at 8:20 AM and ending at 1:00 PM. With all game start times younger age groups get the earliest time slots.

6U - Fridays 6:15-7:00pm

8U - Fridays 6:00-7:00pm


League Points - All the games during the season will be accounted for in the final standings. Each win will count as 2 points, Tie is 1 point (Shootout win is 2 points), and a Loss is worth 0 points. SportsEngine-All team rosters, schedules, and event information will be available on our Sports Engine page which everyone will need to register with to have contact with your player’s coach. Once teams are picked you will receive an email from Sports Engine to sign-up for your team.


LiveBarn / Live Scoring - Extreme Ice Center continues to use LiveBarn which allows live broadcasting during each game. This option is a great opportunity to give your relatives/friends the ability to watch your child when they are not in town. There will also be live scoring, so people can watch the game and keep up with the score, penalties, and much more!


Apparel - Each player will receive 2 game jerseys this season, 1 black and 1 white.* During game day, teams who are listed as “Home” will wear white and teams listed as “Away” will wear black. Players will be able to choose their jersey numbers during evaluation day, however will not receive a jersey until we have teams chosen and on the first team practice day! Players will not be able to choose numbers until evaluation day. First come, first serve basis! Jersey’s will be passed out during the first practice.

*6U and 8U will receive 1 colored jersey 


Arena rules - Players must get dressed in the locker room or rink area. Please do not get dressed in the lobby. Please respect the building and others within the building. Clean up after yourself, whether in the lobby or in the locker room. No running, horseplay, or stick handling in the lobby. Please be aware of others around you when holding your hockey stick.


Public Skating– Once registered for the league, each player will receive free Public Skating passes (5 per session). These passes are associated with your players account and must check-in with the front desk to utilize them. Simply go to the front desk and tell them you are using one of your public passes.  Our system automatically tracks how many sessions you have remaining.


USA Hockey Number - participants must have a USA Hockey number to register. USA number provides you with USA Hockey insurance.


Max Galaxy - Your Max Galaxy account will store your personal information and keep all records as per your contact and payment history. We do keep personal financial information on file to charge your payment plan if you choose to enroll in the plan. If you pay in full we do not store your payment information.


10U Half Ice Games - 25% of games at the 10U level are required to be half ice by CAHA. We will be exceeding the minimum amount of games required. We as an organization feel that utilizing half ice games at this level only benefits players on ice confidence and development by ensuring more puck touches, and a more level playing field of competition.


Covid-19 - We understand there are many concerns about health and safety as pertaining to Covid-19. Extreme Ice center has many regulations in place to secure the safety of not only the players but spectators as well. We consistently clean all counter tops, hand rails, bathrooms, locker rooms, benches, penalty boxes, and all floors and common areas to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We also require any and all persons entering the premises to be wearing a mask at all times when not on the ice, and take the temperature of any and all persons entering the building. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed in the building. There are no exceptions to these rules and anyone caught in violation of these rules will be escorted out of the building. If you or your player are feeling ill, have a fever, or any symptoms related to Covid-19, we ask you do not come to the facility and seek medical attention immediately.


Payment Policy – Please see that document below for the Payment Policy

Welcome to the Charlotte Metro Hockey Association Registration Page.

Registration is now live through MaxGalaxy- you are able to register for programs online for your convenience! 


Please visit to create your account. We ask that you create your family accounts today so that we may make this transition an easy one! Please create the PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER (typically Mom or Dad) on the first page, and then you can add additional family members on the “Add Member” section at the bottom. This is a big change as all family members will now be in one account rather than each member having their own separate one. Note that you will need your USA Hockey number to complete the registration. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at the rink- 704-882-1830.