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Metro Winter 2020: Open Registration

The Extreme Ice Center is pleased to announce that registration is open for Metro Winter 2020. 

Please see program information listed below:

6U Mini-Mites

Who: 2013 Birth Years and Younger

What: 6U Mini-Mite Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Wednesdays (5:55 to 6:40 PM) and Fridays (6:15 to 7:00 PM)

Max Players: 60 (6 Teams)

Dates: from January 8th to April 1st, 2020

Cost: $400.00

8U Mites

Who: 2011 and 2012 Birth Years

What: 8U Mite Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Wednesdays (5:40 to 6:40 PM) and Fridays (6:00 to 7:00 PM)

Max Players: 60 (6 Teams)

Dates: from January 8th to April 1st, 2020

Cost: $450.00

Mite Transition Program

Who: 2011 Birth Years Only

What: Mite Transition Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Mondays and Saturdays (Schedule subject to team assignment)

Dates: from January 6th to April 6th, 2020

Cost: $250.00

10U Squirts

Who: 2009 and 2010 Birth Years

What: 10U Squirt Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (Schedule subject to team assignment)

Max Players: 72 (6 Teams)

Dates: from January 6th to April 6th, 2020

Cost: $675.00

12U Peewees

Who: 2007 and 2008 Birth Years

What: 12U Peewee Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (Schedule subject to team assignment)

Max Players: 52 (4 Teams)

Dates: from January 6th to April 6th, 2020

Cost: $675.00

14U/16U/18U Bantam/Midget

Who: 2001 to 2006 Birth Years

What: 14U/16U/18U Bantam/Midget Program

Where: The Extreme Ice Center

When: Mondays (Practices) and Wednesdays (Games)

Max Players: 90 (6 Teams)

Dates: from January 6th to April 6th, 2020

Cost: $675.00


Full or Half Season - We will be continuing our Metro Program with several season options where you can choose a half-season (Fall or Winter) or a Full-Length USA Hockey Season. No matter the season, we will have dedicated coaches and volunteers from September to April who are ready to impart hockey skills and knowledge each and every day.

Each season will give each player the opportunity to grow, learn, and most importantly have fun in the game of hockey!


Schedule - A detailed schedule will be available on your Sports Engine App and the Extreme Ice Center website! If you are not familiar with the Sports Engine App, there are instructions below labeled Sports Engine. After you have created your account, the application will display the 6 & 8U schedule and send you notifications via email address. This handy tool will allow you to keep track of the schedule so you don’t miss anything.  We, at the Extreme Ice Center, work extremely hard at keeping a consistent schedule for all families. In rare times, scheduling may get moved around so please with work us as the schedule is subject to change.

Refund Policy - The Extreme Ice Center has a strict No Refund Policy after the 3rd week of play. There will be no exceptions.

Evaluations Evaluations are primarily focused on skating abilities, skills, and hockey sense. After the evaluations, the coaching staff will conduct a draft to make teams as even as possible. No Parent or Player will have the option to pick what team they are on without the agreement of a coach’s trade after the evaluation. If any player shall join during the middle of the season, they will be considered a free agent and the coaches will discuss where they are placed.

Players will be assigned a numbered pinny for evaluations so please bring a jersey to wear underneath.

Jersey Numbers – Jersey numbers are picked through a first come first serve basis on evaluation night. We will open evaluation sign-in, 45 minutes before your scheduled skate to check you in and you are able to reserve your number at that time. Within each league, no player will have the same number. Please have a couple of jersey number choices when checking in.


Team Placement – After Evaluations, please give XIC until Saturday, August 31st to list teams on You will receive an email from SportsEngine asking you to join a team. Please accept as SportsEngine will be a main source of communication between parents and coaches.

Team Names - Each team will be named after their coach. For example, if Coach LaShomb was your player’s coach, the team name would be “Team LaShomb” This will make it easier to find your players team schedule online as well as having better communication with your player’s coach.

Teams will be allowed to come up with their own team name which we would use for the Sports engine Page.


Equipment - At the beginning of this season, coaches will be looking at each players’ equipment to ensure that each player is wearing the appropriate gear. Coaches will specifically observe players’ sticks, helmets, skates, shin pads, and elbow pads. Each child will be required to have a mouth guard before they start each game/practice.

Commitment - We are asking every player to arrive to the rink at least 30 minutes before both practice and games. We also recommend that players keep 2 hours open every Monday night for On/Off Ice Practice and Activities. This will give both coaches and players a good window of time to prepare before they get onto the ice and make a game plan. We also encourage everyone to bring a change of clothes and sneakers to every practice so they participate in off-ice activities.

Practices -  XIC staff will oversee all practices.  All practices will be formatted using the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM), which is proven to give each player more ice time, puck touches, and game like scenarios. The ideal plan is for each coach to have an assistant on the ice to run drills while the Head Coach can provide feedback to individual players to ensure each player can improve accordingly. Coaches will give input on practice plans and help create plans to best suit players needs.

League Points - All the games during the season will be accounted for in the final standings. Each win will count as 3 points, Shootout win 2 points, Shootout Loss 1 point, Loss 0 Points

Playoffs - Playoffs will be at the end of every session.

LiveBarn/Live Scoring – Livebarn is available at the Extreme Ice Center. Livebarn is a subscription-based program that allows live broadcasting during each game/practice.  This option is a great opportunity to give your relatives/friends to watch your child when they are not in town. We will also be live scoring on the XIC Hockey website so people can watch the game and keep up with the score, penalties, and much more! To subscribe and purchase Livebarn, click the following link:

Apparel - Each player will receive 2 game jerseys this season (1 Red and 1 White). During game day, teams who are listed as “Home” will wear White and teams listed as “Away” will wear Red.

Rush apparel is available for sale online at


Public Skating/Stick & Puck – Once registered for the league, each player will receive free Public Skating passes and/or stick and puck passes (5 per session or 10 for the full season). These passes are associated with your players account and must check-in with the front desk to utilize them. Simply tell the front desk you have free passes and they will check you in through our system. Our system automatically tracks how many sessions you have remaining.

Arena Rules and Regulations

  1. Players must get dressed in the Locker Rooms provided on the TV Screens as you walk into the rinks.
  2. Please respect everything and everyone in the building.
  3. Please clean up after yourself no matter what the location in the rink
  4. No Running, Horseplay, or Stickhandling in the Lobby.
  5. Please be aware of others around you when holding your hockey stick.