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Hockey-U (Ages 7+)

Hockey-U Summer 2020 Session Is Now Available!

The Extreme Ice Center is proud to announce the New Summer Session 2020  for Hockey U! 

The dates for each session are listed below:

Hockey-U Summer Session


Class   Time All Classes
1 5:40-6:40pm July 13th
2 5:40-6:40pm July 20th
3 5:40-6:40pm July 27th
4 5:40-6:40pm August 3rd
5 5:40-6:40pm August 10th


Hockey-U Winter Session #2


Class   Hockey-U 101 @ 6:00PM Hockey-U 201 @ 6:45 PM Hockey-U Teen @ 7:30 PM
1 February 24th February 24th February  24th
2 March 2nd March 2nd March 2nd
3 March 9th March 9th March 9th
4 June 15th June 15th June 15th
5 June 22nd June 22nd June 22nd
6 June 29th June 29th June 29th


Hockey-U Program

The Hockey U program provides specialized instruction focusing on skating, stick skills and hockey concepts.

The Hockey U program is a fun way to develop skills as well as a love for the game of hockey! It’s a beginner class for boys and girls ages 7-12. Future hockey stars will learn and develop their hockey skills with structured age and ability appropriate games as well as skill-specific stations emphasizing FUN!

Each session will cover multiple aspects of hockey, including forward and backward stride, cross-overs, quick starts, stopping, and transitioning from forward to backwards & backwards to forwards.

To help make the transition to the Metro Hockey League, players will experience small area games that emphasize healthy competition, team play, and fun. In addition to stick skills, shooting, and skating, each player will build confidence when playing with and without the puck.

Players must be able to skate forwards to participate in Hockey U. The XIC Skating School’s Learn-toSkate Level 2 covers the minimum skating requirements for players to be prepared for this summer program. The Hockey U staff will evaluate all players on the first day to determine their ability for success in the program.

HOCKEY 101: Intro to Hockey

Prerequisite: LTS Basic 1, 2, and 3 ( Basic 2 for Summer)

HOCKEY 101 is an introduction to hockey fundamentals. Each class will have a different focus and adequately prepare players for advanced instruction in HOCKEY 201. Practices will cover the topics of skating, stick handling, passing, shooting, team play, and FUN!

Hockey-U 201: Skills & Drills

Prerequisite: HOCKEY 101

HOCKEY 201 is our second level of hockey instruction in Hockey U. Practices will focus on skill development, team play, small area games, and FUN! Players will build upon the hockey fundamentals from HOCKEY 101 and prepare for the rigors of the CMHA Metro League.


HOCKEY U Teen-Adult is our third level of hockey instruction in Hockey U. Practices will focus on skill development, positioning, battle drills, small area games, and FUN! Players can participate in as many sessions as needed to be prepared for the rigors of the CMHA Metro League Bantam/Midget League or Adult League.

USA Hockey Registration

Players MUST register with USA Hockey

Registration valid: 

Sep 1, 2019-August 31. 2020

Cullen Baines

Metro League Director

Phone: 704-882-1830