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Jessica Nalette—Jessica has been coaching ice hockey for 16 years.  Her coaching career began when she started coaching her high school alma mater’s women’s hockey team in Vermont.  Once her daughters became interested in the sport, Jessica transitioned to coaching termites and has continued to coach youth hockey as her daughters have progressed through the USA Hockey program.  Jessica enjoys coaching as it affords an opportunity to combine her extensive athletic experience with her enjoyment of children and their development.

Jessica grew up in Vermont where she played ice hockey, field hockey, softball, and golf.  As a senior in high school, she served as captain of three varsity teams and earned the Female Athlete of the Year award.  After high school, Jessica received scholarships, attended a golf school in the Carolinas where she finished third in her class, passed the PAT, and started in the PGA program.

Professionally, Jessica owns and operates her own day care program.