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Register Here for the 6U Winter Season!

The 6U Winter Season will go from January 8th to April 1st, 2020

6U Mini Checkers 2019-2020 Season

We at the Extreme Ice Center are proud to announce the upcoming 6U Mini Checkers Season is now Open for Registration!

For those who are new to this program, The Charlotte Mini Checkers for both the 6 & 8U age groups is a program that will provide a fun, competitive, and safe hockey environment for your young hockey players. It will aim to improve each players hockey skill & knowledge, self confidence, and respect for others on and off the ice. While being committed to the development of each hockey player, we also strive to teach necessary life skills through individual and team concepts. The Mini- Checkers experience encourages individualized skill development, increased puck touches, higher reps, and enhanced decision-making skills. The overall goal of this program is designed to provide the opportunity to play for fun while developing a lifelong enjoyment of hockey.

The 6U Mini-Checkers Season will officially kick off in early September!

The dates for the following seasons are listed below:

6U Fall Season: September 4th 2019 - December 20th 2019

6U Winter Season: January 8th 2020 - April 8th 2020

6U Full Season: September 4th 2019 - April 8th 2020

Follow the link below according to the season you would like to participate in!


What to Expect in the Upcoming Season!

Everything listed below is what you can expect for the upcoming 2019-2020 Mini-Checkers Season!

6U Payments

Session Price Deposit Monthly $
Fall $400.00 $150.00 $125
Winter $400.00 $150.00 $125
Full $700.00 $150.00 $110


6U Monthly Payment Breakdown

Session Deposit Sept. 1st Oct 1st Nov 1st Dec 1st Jan 15th Feb 15th
Fall $150 - $125 $125 - - -
Winter $150 - - - - $125 $125
Full $150 - $110 $110 $110 $110 $110


Schedule - A detailed schedule will be available on your Sports Engine App and the Extreme Ice Center website! If you are not familiar with the Sports Engine App, there are instructions below labeled Sports Engine. After you have created your account, the application will display the 6 & 8U schedule and send you notifications via email address. This handy tool will allow you to keep track of the schedule so you don’t miss anything!

*Schedule is Subject to Change*

Refund Policy - The Extreme Ice Center has a strict No Refund Policy after the 3rd week of playing in the program. There will be no exceptions.

Evaluations – For our 6 & 8U program, players will be evaluated throughout the season. Coaches and Volunteers will carefully evaluate each player skills based on a number scale. As the season is nearing its end, parents will be provided their players evaluation sheet. This sheet will include players strengths, weaknesses, and overall improvement.

This evaluation is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings but more so to improve their hockey skill and knowledge. It will be able to pinpoint their weaknesses and allow them to improve over time, which is the overall goal. With these evaluations, coaches will be better able to understand their players and help them become better hockey players.

Equipment - At the beginning of this season, coaches will be looking at each players equipment to ensure that each player is wearing the appropriate gear. Coaches will specifically observe players’ sticks, helmets, skates, shin pads, and elbow pads. Each child will be required to have a mouth guard before they start each game and practice.

Practices - The 6 & 8U coaching staff will create practice plans with the intent of repetition, muscle memory, listening skills, and proper skating technique. All practices will be formatted using the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM), which is proven to give each player more ice time, puck touches, and game like scenarios. As a new part of the program, one of our main goals is proper technique involving skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting.

Practice format will change after every four ice sessions. The first three ice sessions will be a practice that focuses on a particular set of skills. By implementing proper repetition, coaches will be able to determine a player’s strengths and weaknesses while also looking at players improvement with that skill. After three practice ice sessions, we will then have a Game Night on Friday. It is our intention for the players to implement the skills that they learned in the previous three ice sessions into game scenarios.

Game Nights – As previously stated in the paragraph above, Game Nights will happen every 4th Session. In preparation for Game Night, there will be a white board in front of the rink doors with a roster on it. The rosters will tell you what part of the ice you’ll be playing on that night as well as the locker room and jersey color you need. The coaches will evenly pick the amount of players on the ice to make sure that they game is even.

Both Age Groups will be playing cross ice. Our main goal of our Game Night’s will be to teach players how everything works in a game scenario. But most importantly, we want everyone to have fun!

Sports Engine - All schedules and event information will be available on our Sports Engine page. This will give you access to the schedule. Signing up for Sports Engine is a very simple task! It’s free to join and all you need to do is sign up using your email address. Once the season starts, you will get an email from Sports Engine that will connect you directly to the schedule. It will send you updates and notifications regarding the schedule in full and let you know of any changes. Sports Engine is also available to download on your phone! Just search for the application on your phone and it will be good to go!

Apparel - Each player will receive 2 game jerseys this season, 1 Red and 1 White. During Game Day, players will be instructed on what color to wear. It will be listed on the White Board right after you open the doors to the rink.

Arena Rules and Regulations

1. Players must get dressed in the Locker Rooms provided on the TV Screen

2. Please Respect everything and everyone in the Building.

3. Please clean up after yourself. No matter what the location in the rink

4. No Running, Horseplay, or Stick Handling in the Lobby.

5. Please be aware of others around you when holding your hockey stick.

Please Don't Forget to Update your USA Hockey Number before the start of the new season!

Please follow the link below to renew your USA Hockey Number if you haven't already!

USA Hockey Registration Link

Click this link to register for your 2019-2020 USA Hockey Number